Coming  Soon

StariumXCV is multiplayer browser-based game with no downloads, played strictly through your favorite browser.


You play the leader of a newly established planetary colony of the Concordium.  


The unexpected destruction of your world's Quantum gate cuts your colony off completely from all that you knew. 


Subsequent discovery of an ancient crash site has granted to your people the unheard of technology enabling interstellar space flight.


The Concordium has not reestablished contact and you know with chilling certainty that you and your people have been abandoned.   


What will you do?


Choose from over 30 different colony types and over 10 races, travel to distant star systems and explore new worlds.


Discover alien civilizations and investigate ancient wonders. Learn new technologies and lead your people as your colony seeks to uncover the mystery behind the quantum gates and to find their new place among the stars.


Most importantly however, you must:  Define your Destiny!



Gwythdarian is an interactive media company specializing in browser-based games. It is owned and operated by Jim Landes and Dr. Tim Trainor. Together, they lead teams of talented and creative people who desire to make amazing games for your web browser. 

Currently under development is Starium XCV , a persistent game of galactic exploration.

Picture is from Sept 10, 2016 team meeting.

Our Team

We have entered into an Agreement with Zaboto Games and are working with this development team as they put the final finishes on "Artic Assualt: Ragnars Revenge".


More information will be released soon about this great game.



Our Goals

  The goal of Gwythdarian is to promote the interactive entertainment industry in West Michigan by offering direct opportunities for programmers, artists and writers.


Gwythdarian facilitates the launch and success of interactive media development projects by providing the tools, expertise and marketing experience.