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StariumXCV is a multiplayer browser-based game with no downloads, played strictly through your favorite browser.


Choose from over 30 different colony types and over 10 races and explore distant star systems and new worlds.


Discover alien civilizations and investigate ancient wonders. Learn new technologies and lead your people as your colony seeks to uncover mysteries and find a way to survive in this untamed galactic wilderness.

Our Team

Gwythdarian is an interactive media company specializing in browser-based games. It is owned and operated by Jim Landes and Dr. Tim Trainor. Together, they lead teams of talented and creative people who desire to make amazing games for your web browser. 

Currently under development is Starium XCV , a persistent game of galactic exploration.

Picture is from Jan 14, 2023 team meeting.

Our Goals

The goal of Gwythdarian is to promote the interactive entertainment industry in West Michigan by offering direct opportunities for programmers, designers, artists and writers.


Gwythdarian partners with local educational institutions such as Muskegon Community College, Western University, Ferris State College and Grand Valley State University to give graduating students opportunities to work on cutting edge procedural based interactive entertainment.  


The future is made today.



As we are closing in on finishing up our primary Project, StariumXCV, design work has begun on our second project: Prophesy of Pendor.  

See more information on our Facebook page:


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