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StariumXCV core Team Members


These are the primary members of the StariumXCV team who have put forth the most time and effort to bring this amazing offering to market.  Week in and week out they have produced much of the code, design, lore, and artwork for Starium XCV.

Gareth Kay
Loremaster - Senior Designer - Writer. 
London, England

Hailing from London England, Gareth completed studies at Lancaster University with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science with Creative Writing, and at Brighton University with a Master of Science (MSc) in Management: Entrepreneurship.   Gareth is our Loremaster, senior writer and a senior game designer.   He is primarily responsible for the Travelers guide to the Concordium, the Starium XCV wiki, and works tirelessly with Jim on connecting all of the dots in regards to Lore and History.   Gareths contribution has been invaluable in defining the Political, Economic and Religious systems that reside at the heart of this project.





James Goudie
Senior Artist
Grand Haven, Michigan, USA

James’s formal line of study is in art , Interactive Media and game design. His primary skills are in both 2D and 3D art, and he has perfected several of the main artist processes and styles, defining much of the look and feel of this

offering. His work includes the process around he Heraldry, Unit and Ship designs as well as perfecting the fleet and army portrayals in the game

Alan Saari
Senior Programmer
Norton Shores, Michigan, USA

A local to Muskegon, Michigan, Alan earned multiple degrees in interactive media and programming. He started working on StariumXCV at a very early stage, and was quickly able to prove his ability as a very astute and skilled

programmer, earning himself the position of Senior Programmer. In this role, he works with the rest of the team and ensures that design, art and scripting are all combined into a coherent output. Additionally, he is responsible for gate

keeping new code submissions and he works closely with the other programmers to ensure consistency and proper commenting and style.



Geoff Adams
Coopersville, Michigan, USA

Geoff is an amazing artist who was able to grasp the concepts around procedural art generation for our planets and moons and move our technology from concept to reality.  A graduate of Muskegon Community College, his keen eye and compulsion for excellence has brought the worlds and textures to almost photo-realistic perfection.  He even prefers Guiness!


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