Gwythdarian's first project is a massive persistent web–based game of galactic exploration—Starium XCV. This project is being                            produced under a ground–breaking revenue sharing model that coordinates contributions from part–time independent                                          contractors to create Starium XCV in exchange for future royalties. In this exciting methodology, developed by Gwythdarian,                                  people with talent and  desire can come together in a fair, transparent and collaborative environment to create and publish artistic works with limited outside investor involvement. 

Gwythdarian set up this collaborative, creative environment using a series of free software tools which form the structural foundation for developers to produce new entertainment offerings. 

Gwythdarian is closely associated with regional colleges, such as Ferris State University and Muskegon Community College, and enables team members to jump start their careers by providing opportunities to work on cutting edge entertainment offerings. 


"I feel Starium XCV is the start–up model of the future. It allows people with the skills and desire to work together on a project and be compensated fairly for their contributions in an efficient way with minimal entry–level costs. Gwythdarian invites motivated individuals to join our efforts and grow in their discipline while providing content for our shared efforts. It is a win – win – win scenario. Team members can expand their skills by working on an existing project for which they will receive future royalties. They meet other people in the area with whom they can network on future endeavors. By participating in the development of Starium XCV, they become familiar with the tools they need for success and meet others with an entrepreneurial inclination." ~ Jim Landes


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