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StariumXCV core Team Members


These are the primary members of the StariumXCV team who have put forth the most time and effort to bring this amazing offering to market.  Week in and week out they have produced much of the code, design, lore, and artwork for Starium XCV.

Chet "Red" Delano
Community Manager/Designer
Muskegon, MI

A young professional, entrepreneur, and “renaissance man”. Chet DeLano (A.K.A. Red) is a writer, artist, and designer who has helped to design various systems, provided artistic contributions, descriptive work and published several short stories for StariumXCV. This versatility, capped with an artistic eye and attention to detail often leaves him bouncing around, just as he prefers. A listener who recognizes the strengths of a team effort, he helps to facilitate their success any way he can. Now, Community Manager for StariumXCV, Chet acts as the connection between his fellow developers, the game, and its growing community.

Zack Bancuk

3D Artist and Writer

Ever since he was young, it has been Zack's dream to become a 3D sculptor in the field of game design. That dream was finally realized when he was given the opportunity to work on creating the NPCs for Starium, and he puts much of his free time into letting his creativity flow and designing unique batches of aliens for the players to encounter. Zack graduated from Ferris State University with a degree in Digital Animation and Game Design. 

James Lillie
Muskegon, MI

James joined the project towards the tail end of receiving an associate's degree in Interactive Media from Muskegon Community College in 2013 and has faithfully stuck with the project.    He consistently learns new skills online and creates some of our favorite ship designs and heraldry.   Never unwilling to try new things, James has tackled some of our most arduous and daunting artistic challenges.

Kelsy Mascorro

Writer and Community Manager 

Kelsy joined the Gwynthdarian team in the fall of 2020. She works as one of the writers and serves as one of the team's disability advocates, ensuring the concepts of universal design are discussed when new features are added to the game. She has a Masters in English from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi with a focus on writing studies. She is currently working remotely, but hopes to join the team in Muskegon soon. 

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