Scott Elder
Detroit, MI
Ethan Boeve
Senior Developer
Norton Shores, MI

Swept into the game industry by a series of fortuitous events, Ethan changed his course of Study at Muskegon Community College to follow his passion for gaming and graduated with an AS in Interactive Media and Game Design. Putting a firm emphasis on Programming and Art, his work leans toward creating intuitive front-end player experiences.  Ethan has been responsible for researching and coding HTML 5 and coded the heraldry generator.

Scott is a graphic artist from Metro Detroit. He graduated from Ferris State University-GR's Digital Animation and Game Design Program in 2012 and interned at Gwythdarian within the same year. He has been an freelance member of the group from 2013 onward, providing assets when he can. He has been responsible for early ship design concepts, symbol designs, and artifact artwork.

StariumXCV core Team Members


These are the primary members of the StariumXCV team who have put forth the most time and effort to bring this amazing offering to market.  Week in and week out they have produced much of the code, design, lore, and artwork for Starium XCV.

Nick Frein
Muskegon, MI

Nick is both an artist and a programmer from Muskegon, Michigan. He is attending Grand Valley State University in order to get a degree in Computer Science. He mostly works on 3D animations which include all of the different suns, pins, and the quantum gate.  Nick also works as one of the front end developers.

Cameron Ames
Kent City, MI

Cameron or "Cam" is studying Digital Media and Animation from Ferris State Digital Animation and Game Design program.  He has written stories and has designed and provided artwork for a major mini-game for StariumXCV.  He hails from Kent City Michigan and started went through the Interactive Media and Game Design program at Muskegon Community College.